Listen To Your Body

Okay, this message has probably been repeated a million times, but I'm going to have my crack at it.

Listen to your body. Become aware. Add all of your knowledge, feelings, and intuition up and try to trust the answers you come to.

In this industry, you, me, and the average consumer are going to be turned on their fucking heads. Between the commercials on tv, trusted talk show hosts like Dr. Oz and Oprah, articles in the paper, magazines, bloggers on the Internet, new findings in research, and the things you grew up on; you are going to have a hell of a journey finding optimal health.

It's impossible to fully commit to trying to believe a theory with this kind of social sound going on. You need to have a system for discovering what works and what doesn't (for you). The answer lies somewhere in between common sense, "reliable" research, and the exploration of the self.

You need to listen to your body.

When you want to see a change in health and have any hope of actually believing that you're going to see results, you need to: take all of the "knowledge" you know from the sources that you trust, compile that with everything that so far you believe to be true (this will be different from person to person and this will change over time), add just a little bit of common sense (we all know a Twinkie diet is not healthy), and finally, you need to start listening to your body.

Along your individual journey you will discover what works for you, and maybe only you. But if you want to find it sooner, then be open to trying something new, become aware of what foods affects you in which ways, be willing to change your decisions and sometimes even abandon ship completely, and fully commit to something with confidence.

With how much (new) information is coming your way don't let one article, or one thing a friend or relative says, completely throw you off your path. Whether they are right or wrong, you need to find out or yourself. Always incorporate and assess what you read and hear, but when you're done compiling it against everything you "know", and your head is still spinning, do what feels right.

You'll only be able to do this if you start becoming more aware of yourself and listening to the one who matters most, you.

You got that?

Alright, keep on tearing it up lovelies.

Jon Randles