Blog Update + Peaches & Cream Torte

Are you sitting down? If not, pull up a chair, and take a moment to visualize this lovely torte right in front of you. It's right there... Or it will be once you make it!

Today is a day of some big news on the blog, some big changes, and as always, delicious food. The delicious food thing is here to stay!

Jon and Barbara are taking this opportunity to announce that they have decided to end their engagement. And while this is likely a surprise for most of you, the two authors would like you to know that they have ended this relationship amicably, and will continue to enjoy co-authoring Sex, Food & Kettlebells. This community is important to both the authors, and they take great joy in seeing it grow.

So what does the future hold?

It holds lots of great new Sex, Food & Kettlebells recipes, posts, giveaways, and videos. Moving forward, you may also notice that Jon will be taking a more prominent role on the site. Barbara, on the other hand, while co-authoring, is also launching a new website TODAY!. There, you will find her recipes, and posts on topics that include movement, nutrition, mindset, change, and empowerment. She will also be providing online nutrition and lifestyle, as well as performance and movement coaching. The authors both hope that you will show your support by checking out Barbara's new site, and liking her Facebook page. You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

 And now, without further ado -  

CONTINUE TO THE Peaches & Cream Torte RECIPE... 

Enjoy, and thank you for supporting us both as we continue building this community.

- Jon + Barbara