A Month Of Giveaways: Week 4 - A Copy of "Paleo Fitness"


 Our last giveaway this month is a pretty awesome one. "Paleo Fitness" by Darryl Edwards (The Fitness Explorer) is a very useful and exciting book. Packed with easy to follow guide lines on paleo nutrition and primal movement, this book is a perfect tool for helping people live the complete "paleo lifestyle".

I'm proud to call Darryl a friend of mine, who I have had the great pleasure of hanging out and training with several times over the last few years. He is a straight up adventurous, knowledge hungry, supportive person, and I can easily recommend anything he produces. I look forward to reading the book cover to cover and writing an official review. Enter this contest to try to win a free copy for yourself, but if you don't win, do yourself a favour and purchase a copy.