Gather - The Art of Paleo Entertaining has got to be the most beautiful and brilliant cookbook we have ever laid our paws on.

Who ever thought that the talented authors, and lovely couple, Bill & Hayley, could follow a cook book as perfect as Make it Paleo, with something of an even higher caliber? With clever menus, stunning photos, and (as always) uniquely tasting recipes, Gather is beyond impressive.

Let's start from the outside, and work our way in. The physicalities of this book are down right exciting. A ginormous book, with substantial weight, and a beautifully sleek cover, Gather is an absolute necessity to any coffee table (it's just too pretty to put away on the shelf!). The book is divided into a series of pre-set seasonal menus, providing the reader with an easy yet comprehensive guide to creating an extraordinary meal for family and friends. With the help of this book, paleo (and non paleo) people everywhere can prepare fun and creative feasts all year long that any foody would love. The cover even displays adorable pre-made "menu cards" that can be downloaded and printed off Bill & Hayley's website Primal Palate (The Food Lover's Kitchen). Bill & Haley also provide shopping and preparation advice for each menu, to help make your meal a simple success.


Everyday kitchen lovers can rest assured that each and every recipe in this book is perfect on it's own, and does not need to be paired with an entire menu to be enjoyed. This cook book is as every bit as useful as Make it Paleo is for finding easy and delicious recipes to get you through the week. The major difference is that the recipes in Gather have been designed to provide healthy food lovers with seasonal and celebratious whole food options during special occasions and holidays... And you all know how much we LOVE to cook during the holidays <3

Some of our favorite recipes in the book so far are the "Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice", "Sweet Potato Souffle", "Lemon Blueberry Muffins" (BEST paleo muffin we've ever eaten), and we haven't tried the "Creme Brulee" yet, but we REALLY want to. The list of favorites in this book goes on, and on, and on, but we will let you discover them for yourself.


This book is born from pure joy and inspiration, and it certainly makes us feel inspired when we read it. We have not read all of the cute short stories yet, or tried every recipe in the book, but we are excited to patiently make our way through this entire gem of a book. Bill & Hayley deserve some serious praise for this product, and we recommend it as an essential part of your (paleo) cooking collection.

We want to thank Bill & Hayley for creating such a fun and thoughtful written experience, and for being our friends.

- Jon (& Barbara).