Bacon Banana Cream Filled Crepes


What is up peeps?! I feel like I haven't posted in forever, I friggen miss you guys.I've been out having wicked cool adventures, while Barbara's been doing holding down the blog on her own like a boss. Speaking of Barbara and I, we're currently in Daytona Beach, FL, celebrating our three year anniversary together! I can't wait to marry that babe. We're having a little more rain than expected, so I was able to find time to write this post for you guys.

So last month I road tripped from Toronto, ON, all the way down to Austin, TX, for PaleoFX (PFX13). Crazy right? I'm always down for a journey like that, although next year I think I'll fly. PFX13 was everything I wanted it to be; intelligent speakers, active workshops, fun parties, and of course I got to meet all of our favorite bloggers. I even met some of our own fans too :)

If you want to hear more about PFX13, check out this podcast I recorded about it with April Lemaster (Butterflies, Peace, Paleo) on A Tribe Called Health. Here's a photo of me with some of our favorite bloggers: Danielle, Julie, and George. There's also a photo of James Gregory and I chilling like the total fucking bad-asses we are.


So immediately after returning home from Austin, I taught a full MovNat 1-Day Fundamentals Workshop in Toronto, and then the following weekend I travelled to Chicago to volunteer at a Level 1 MovNat Trainer Certification. Both events were wicked exciting.


Check out this awesome video I just released to help promote my MovNat Workshops.

Last weekend Barbara and I attended a Z-Health course in Toronto called Essentials Of Elite Performance. It was, as always, mind-blowing, and I look forward to pursuing further education with them. Barbara is well ahead of me already, being an R+I Phase Z-Trainer. I will be taking my first R-Phase Certification in the fall. Be sure to enter our Spring into Movement Giveaway to have a chance at winning some great Z-Health products.

So without further ado, here is today's recipe. The crepes we use in this meal come from Danielle's crepe recipe at Of all the possible variations we have tried to create, we find her version is perfect the way it is. Enjoy making this easy and delicious breakfast!

- Jon.


TIME: 25 min

YIELD: 8-10 crepes


1 batch of Danielle's crepes (follow recipe/directions here)

1 pound bacon (traditionally raised)

3-4 bananas (organic)

1 cup heavy cream (organic)

1 tbs maple syrup (or honey)

1 tsp vanilla extract (or bean powder)


1. Get to work on making the crepes via Danielle's recipe.

2. Lay the strips of bacon in a pan and cook over medium/high heat until cooked to your liking (approx 10 min). You probably won't want the bacon too crunchy for this recipe, so stir often as needed. Set bacon aside when finished.

3. Make the whipped cream. In a large mixing bowl, combine the heavy cream, maple syrup (or honey), and vanilla, and mix on high using a hand mixer until you have thick & fluffy whipped cream (approx 3-4 min).

4. Slice the bananas into circular discs into a bowl.

5. Here comes the fun part. Lay a crepe flat on a plate, place a couple strips of bacon on it, stack a spoon full of bananas on top of the bacon, and then slather that bad boy with whipped cream. Fold the crepe closed and thoroughly enjoy devouring it. These go great with a little maple syrup drizzled on top if you like em sweet!