Top 10 Foods to Lick off your Lover


Valentine's Day is just another occasion where we can experiment with two of our favorite things; sex, and food.

Using food in the bedroom is a great way to spice up your love life, and express your creativity as a couple. There are endless options and combinations of flavours. The romantic and playful session will be sure to be filled with laughs, love, and literally dirty sex. The best part is after all the fun, you can take a shower together, and start all over again. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Jon + Barbara

So, here are our top choices for foods to lick off your lover, in no particular order... 

1. Whipped Cream

A classic. If you are new to licking things off people than this is a great place to start. Take some whole organic whipping cream, add some local raw honey/maple and a dash of vanilla, mix 'til fluffy, and you are ready to go. Get creative using a decorating kit, or just get plain dirty. Or both.

2. Ice cream 

Why eat it out of a bowl when you can lick it off your partner? Don't worry about the chill, take a lick, follow with a kiss, and repeat. We're confident you'll stay warm. You might want to keep it clear from the vitals though... pretty sure those areas aren't supposed to freeze.

Make a quality whole dairy or coconut milk ice cream for any occasion. Find one of our favourite recipes here.

3. Melted Dark Chocolate

SO good. Melt chocolate on a double boiler, and let cool (this step is important people!). Usually, to ensure it maintains its liquid texture for a longer period of time, add a little coconut oil. Use a paint brush, it's your choice of a hot dirty mess or a work of sexy art. We recommend sparing the good linens on this one.

4. Coconut oil

Makes an excellent sexual lubricant. It's edible, anti-microbial/anti-fungal, and a little bit goes a long way. 

5. Raspberry Coulis

Perfect for Valentine's day. The combination of the sweet and tart flavours here is a perfect match for nipples and lips. 

Find the recipe here

6. Cinnamon Honey

Nourish your skin, your body, and your relationship by drizzling a little local raw honey (mixed with a dash of cinnamon, mmm) all over. Careful, you might get a little sticky ;)

7. Maple Syrup

A Canadian staple eh? There's some kind of beaver joke in here somewhere we're sure.

8. Caramel sauce (home made)

Seriously, this has to be the most decadent item on the list, and one that is sure to leave you burning with desire after licking every bit off your partner's naked body.

Recipe coming soon.

9. Meringue/Marshmallow Creame (home made)

This is one of the easiest things to make, tastes great, and is perfect for an intimate occasion. Since it will thicken shortly after application, you can even create sweet edible designs or even an edible skimpy"outfit". Surprise your honey when he/she comes home from work. 

Find the recipe here (listed as marshmallow frosting)

10. Ginger Honey Heat

For those who like it spicy, be adventurous. Cut and peel a piece of ginger, and trace it in designs on your partner's body, drizzling honey over the same spot. That'll heat things up.

BONUS POINTS: Combine any number of the above options to create an erotic "buffet".

Most importantly, be open and communicative, support and respect your partner, and have FUN!