Prep & Tech: The Muscle-Up

Introducing PREP & TECH, a new addition to our blog. Prep & Tech is a short-film project we've created, designed to help you refine your  movements by focusing on coaching cues, technique, and general  preparation drills. These videos will be found in the "Kettlebells" section, under the "Blog Posts" tab. Regularly, we will be addressing movements that we have more experience with (kettlebells, mobility, MovNat, and more). Today however, Jon wanted to talk about his recent success with the Muscle-Up. NOTE: This is not a complete tutorial of the Muscle-Up - this is a VLOG of Jon's personal experience learning it to this extent and of his current progress. Hopefully you guys find these videos useful on some level. We intend to improve the quality of these videos, as well as our ability to effectively communicate through them, as we gain more experience producing them. If you ever have anything you'd like to add to something we said, or if you find something helpful, please say so in the comments!

-Jon + Barbara.