Minty Melon Bites


Ok... so remember when I said that our Heavenly Basil Persimmon salad would represent our last ode to summer? Well, I may have jumped the gun a tad. We walked into Nature's Emporium this weekend and saw the last of the local organic watermelon for the season on sale - and being the watermelon fiend that I am, I immediately snatched it up. Literally.  I had to have it! Yup, I tend to do that with bacon and blueberries as well.

Usually I take to watermelon as the majority of the population does to Haagen Dazs - with a giant  spoon. This time, however, restraint and creativity kicked in, and this recipe is the result.

For those of you wondering if cheese, mint, watermelon, and balsamic go together - the answer is a resounding YES. Jon will attest to that.

So trust me on this and go make these now, while the watermelon is still fresh and local.

Love you all


TIME: 10 min

YIELD: 30 (perfect for a get together)


1/4 medium organic watermelon, cut into small rectangles approx 1 inches x 1.5 inches

goat mozarella or a similar tasting cheese

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (we are in love with the Mousto Balsamic from Acropolis Organics)

15 large mint leaves, cut in half



1. Cut the watermelon into slices about 1 inche thick. Take each of those and proceed to section into little cubes for the entree (approx 1.5 inches in length).

2. Cut cheese thinly, approx 0.5 inches x 1 - or to put it simply, so it will comfortably fit on the watermelon cube.

3. Wash, pat dry, and cut fresh mint leaves.

4. Skewer ingredients together: watermelon, cheese, then top with a mint leaf.

5. Pour balsamic on a plate. Stamp each of the stacked cubes in the vinegar, and transfer immediately to serving plate.