Introducing Big Primal!

We want to tell you about a new YouTube video project we are officially launching on Wednesday August 1st. The series is called Big PrimalBig Primal is a creative cooking show about making primal meals of mammoth proportions. Our goal is to promote the consumption of local, organic, unprocessed whole foods by creating ridiculously tasty feasts in a fun and comedic setting. Initially, many of the recipes we will make are ones that we have thought about creating long before we ever had the idea of filming them. We just thought it would be funny to capture the event on camera, and that people may enjoy watching it and perhaps, find some level of inspiration from it. These meals are not meant to be dietary guide lines, they are merely our way of having fun and pigging out once in a while on incredibly rich and nutrient dense food. Above is a quick teaser about what you can expect to see in the official videos. You can visit the official Big Primal website hereYou can also help support us and be notified of new videos by liking our official Big Primal Facebook page.

We plan to begin by posting a video at least once every month. If people like our show, we will attempt to upload new videos more frequently when we get our busy lives under control ;) We hope you approve of what you see here and will help us spread the word in any way you can. We have been working hard on this project and are really excited to share it with you. Cheers! -Jon + Barbara