We got sponsored!


Exciting news! Our favorite store in the whole world, Nature's Emporium (which thankfully happens to be in our town) has decided to officially partner with us.

I was first introduced to Nature's through Jon when we had just started dating. Already being a foodie at the time, I felt like I had just walked into a little piece of heaven. Needless to say, from that day on, we have both been a regular presence at the store - I think they may even be considering setting up a cot for us in a corner. Somewhere beside the raw desserts counter hopefully. Nom. 

Jon has been shopping at Nature's Emporium for years (since his childhood actually), and has seen it grow from a tiny corner store to a bustling community. Today, their large and beautiful location is the friendliest place to find whatever you need to achieve optimal health. And if they don't have it - well, they will gladly get it for you. The atmosphere is one of openness, communication, and healing. I would describe it as a kind of a centre for the holisitic community in the area - providing not only products, but also education and expertise. We really feel at home there.

We find all of our ingredients for our recipes at Nature's Emporium, and recommend others in the area to do the same when they ask us where to shop. So it seemed natural for us to approach Joe D'Addario (President of Nature's Emporium), and ask if he would help support us in making the food that we love and sharing it with others. 

7617529574_e2fcc8e50f_b (2).jpg

Jon and Joe D'Addario.

We just want to take this opportunity to thank Joe for his support, and encourage everyone to visit this wonderful store or find them online here.

 - Jon + Barbara