It Starts with Food - Whole9

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On Saturday we had the pleasure of meeting Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (, authors of the new book "It Starts with Food". The event was a book signing followed by a Q&A, hosted by Greg Carver's StrengthBox in Toronto. Greg is great friend of ours and we love visiting his gym. He always finds a way to get some of the best professionals in the industry to come to town, and Whole9 are definitely on that list.

Dallas and Melissa are the spitting image of health. They radiate life and passion and have developed a wonderfully effective system to educate individuals on the importance of good nutrition, what that means, and the role it plays in overall health. An aspect of their views that we really resonate with is the importance of helping individuals find what works best for them. They are anything but dogmatic in their beliefs, and encourage individuals to empower themselves and make educated decisions.

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The Q&A with Dallas and Melissa was excellent. They answered questions not only about food, but also addressed tricky topics like sleep, supplements, travel, and how to deal with relationships with your family or doctor when it comes to discussing your new approach towards eating. No matter what the question was, they had an answer to it and they were a delight to listen to. In fact, they are so well prepared to help you that they have put together a whole string of downloadable files on their website that are designed to be partnered with the book to maximize your personal success. We highly recommend everybody pick up a copy of their book and learn about what they so whole heartedly have to offer. You can find it on sale in our store here.

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Overall, it was a fun filled morning with a great feel of community (which we love!). It was great to see so many people interacting with each other and making new friends interested in taking control of their health and maximizing their potential. Social support is paramount when making a lifestyle change and you can always count on the paleo community to offer that.

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Of course, at any event like this in Toronto you can count on a guest appearence from The Primal Grind! For those of you that don't know (and if you don't, you're missing out), The Primal Grind is the only paleo coffee shop in the city (and maybe in the country?). They're the perfect paleo catering option, offering lattes made with coconut milk and almond milk, paleo friendly treats and sausages made of traditionally raised meats. We never miss a chance to taste what they've got when we can. Also, congratulations to Freya and Clinton (seen above) who are soon to be married! :D

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Finally, none of this would be possible for us if Greg didn't have such a sweet place to hold these awesome events. If you're in the East York area (or even if you're not) you owe it to yourself to go check out the StrengthBox. Whether it's training or workshops, Greg Carver offers some of the best. Thanks G!