It takes a village- In praise of the Real Food Summit

This past Sunday marked the beginning of the Real Food Summit. This is a one of a kind free web conference hosted by Underground Wellness that runs from July 8th-16th (so plenty of time for those of you just hearing about it to join in on the fun), and includes lectures from a variety of speakers, authors, researchers, and bloggers - all tackling the most relevant and controversial questions about real food today!

As health professionals and self proclaimed FOODIES, Jon and I could not be more excited! This summit is such an invaluable resource for - well - everyone. Parents, professional athletes, keyboard athletes, individuals striving for optimal health - we all have something to learn and share with others. I recommend you watch the videos, and join in the discussion! And if you're too busy, don't despair. More info on that later in the post.

One of the major highlights thus far was undoubtedly Joel Salatin's lecture on Sunday on Redefining Real Food. Joel is the owner of Polyface farms, an avid and inspiring speaker, and proponent of real food and sustainable/traditional farming. Joel spoke in a frank and passionate way about farming - more specifically a concept that he terms animal husbandry - which relates to a practice where each animal has a place and responsibility to the overall health of the farm, as well as the farmer him/herself. Just as in a community - an ecosystem - where individuals have an important role to play that is intrinsically connected to others... in the case of farms, cows, pigs, chickens, and others animals work together - a synergy that makes the land more bountiful. This is a wisdom that our ancestors applied with a natural ease, but one we have sadly lost in the mainstream as farming and food itself has become an industry; a mechanistic separation of living things. As consumers, we too have lost a connection not just with the land but with those that produce our food. When is the last time you bought from a farmer, or spoke to one? You will be happy to find that most are passionate people dedicated to their work/calling. What it takes is more of us interacting with them, and encouraging them to rediscover their roots/traditional methods.

You may be thinking that this is kind of inconvenient. Well, as Joel put it, if you are looking for something that is outside the norm, you must go outside of the norm to find it. Step out of your box, step outside that supermarket, and explore. It is time for us to become active and responsible participants in our health - and food is a critical component of that.

Indeed, this is our personal goal as a couple and a family, and I would say that of the ancestral movement, to reconnect. Reconnect with food preparation techniques that have been used for centuries, with farmers, and most importantly with each other. It is so easy and tempting in our modern world to rush around, and use the home as a pit stop. But a Home with a capital H is meant to be an active centre, where families learn and grow together. And kitchens are a kind of cozy hub. A place for families and friends to work together - not work in the chore like way, but as Alan Watts would put it, work as play. To take joy in the little things we do together. A community is meant to work together - we all have a role to play - it is that cooperative spirit that keeps us strong through changing times. As the old saying goes, it takes a VILLAGE, people!

So as I said earlier, get involved! With your neighbors, with farmers, with your families, with each other. And at this point in time, with the Real Food Summit!

For those of you (Hint Hint to my lovely clients) whose interest has been piqued but are only hearing about this now and want to catch up on the lectures, or know you will be too busy to watch them throughout this week; there is a great package being offered starting today - 33 lectures, 27 audio files, 300 transcript pages, and tons of bonuses for a SPECIAL EVENT-WEEK-ONLY price of only $79! You can bet I will be purchasing this even through I am listening to each one this week as it is such a great reference.

Thanks for reading,

With Love


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