Sour Apple Ginger Elixir


I was first introduced to juicing as a practice a number of years ago during a dreamy stay at Grail Springs - holistic wellness oasis near Algonquin Park. While it was a very transformative time, and I returned home with a renewed sense of direction and purpose, I was not ready to take on some more involved concepts - ie. juicing. All in good time, as the age old saying goes. And recently that has certainly rung true. The more Jon and I have been learning about each other, minimalism, food, and health; the more we stared experimenting and exploring different modalities/traditions. For me, that currently means juicing and home fermentation (coming soon!).

To that end, I have been playing around (remember: FOOD IS FUN!) with different combinations of green juices as a part of my personal health journey.

Now, you may have guessed by the title of the post that I do not own a juicer. If you don't either, do not despair - really you have no need of it as I describe below. Now, a good blender, however, is a must. Personally, I dream of a Blendtech (*hint hint* wedding gift anyone?) but what I have does the job for now.

Here is a recipe for an energizing and nourishing juice I put together, and thought I would share.

Funnily enough - a week after I put together this recipe, Jon and I had a very similar and yummy juice at Natures Emporium. So it's good to see I'm on the right track!

Happy Tuesday!

- Barbara

* A note: Keep in mind that a green juice will not taste like store bought  that the food industry has made such a staple. Savour the body and flavour of a whole food juice, and your body will thank you!

YIELD: 4-5 servings (in martini glass measures - *Blush* I like to enjoy my healthy drinks in a pretty glass)

TIME: 10-15min


1 medium bunch organic kale

1/4-1/2 small bunch organic Italian parsley

2 organic lemons

2 large organic or locally picked green "sour" apples

4 inches organic ginger, peeled

Tasty option: 2 large organic carrots

Other: Cheesecloth, large bowl, small pitcher, blender


1. Wash, peel, and lightly chop all ingredients (this relates to carrots/apples/lemon in particular).

2. Place all ingredients in the blender with a 1/4 c of water. If you have a smaller blender, you may have to do this in two installments.

3. Cut cheesecloth into a large rectangle so that the sides drape comfortably over your large bowl.

3. Spoon blended ingredients into cheesecloth (again you may have to do this in two installments), and once filled, fold cheesecloth up so that ingredients are confined.

4. Squeeze out the juice much as you would with a tube of icing. This is the fun part! Be thorough.

5. ENJOY in a pretty class with a slice of apple on the side. Your liver, kidneys, and intestines thank you!

5. Wash cheesecloth to re-use if you're weird like me.

6. If you have a juicer at home, please feel free to use it with the ingredients indicated above. YUM!!!!