Mango Margarita Salad

mango margarita salad.JPG

We have been having some incredible weather recently here in central Ontario. Sunny, warm days, with a gentle relaxed breeze. When the weather is perfect in Canada (which is less than half the time), people just feel like celebrating. The patios open and fill up, people are outside doing activities everywhere, and for a short while, the middle of a week day feels like a national holiday. It was on a day like this that I felt like making a salad with a twist. I had found some ripe organic mangos at Nature's Emporium, so I decided to use those as my main ingredient and go from there. What I ended up with was relatively simple, but also fun and refreshing. It can be as sweet, tangy, or as spicy as you like. If you're serving it to friends on a hot summer's day, top it off with a shot of tequila for a truly unique kick ;)


Yield: 2-4 servings

Prep time: 10-15 min


2 large ripe organic mango(s)

5-6 large organic strawberries

1/2 large organic cucumber

4-5 large stocks of organic celery

1-2 tbsp local raw honey

2 lemons

2 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

Cayenne pepper (to taste)

1 oz gold tequila (optional)


1. Peel mangoes, chop into chunks and place in medium/large salad bowl.

2. Wash strawberries, cucumber, and celery. Chop into desired size and add to the mangoes.

3. Drizzle honey evenly over chopped ingredients.

4. Cut your lemons in half and squeeze lemon juice all over salad (watch out for seeds!).

5. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper to taste. I went pretty heavy with the cayenne to get a nice spicy kick, to go nicely against the sweet nature of the salad. If you are unsure, use discretion as you slowly add cayenne, mix salad, taste, and add more accordingly. - If you go over board with the cayenne by accident, you can help balance out the flavours by adding additional honey and/or lemon juice.

6. Pour in your tequila (optional) and gently toss salad.

7. Sprinkle salad with shredded coconut and serve with a smile :)