Moving forward by leaving the ego behind

In consideration of this first movement focused entry, I want to talk about how we can all help each other and our selves move forward - not only with our training goals, but as a community seeking optimal health, in what can be a confusing and intimidating industry. Simply put, we must let go of the ego.

First, let’s talk a bit about what the ego is. As Osho would say; it is an accumulated phenomenon, a by-product of living with others. It is a need - the need to fit in, the need to feel accepted, the need to fulfill a false image of yourself promoted by society. From this stems the fear that society will not appreciate you otherwise. This can feel very threatening.  Therefore it's clear that the ego is fear based - and living in fear is an inefficient way to progress both as individuals and as a society.

And since we are all about efficiency here, the ego has got to go!

Fear encourages ignorance, and ignorance is dangerous (not bliss!). It is partly for this reason that current research can take so long to hammer into people. “That can’t be true; I’VE been doing it this way all MY life!” Get over yourself. The idea that something newly discovered can disprove what they have been told in the past can threaten to unravel their very existence. Remember - that is the ego pulling on their strings and preventing a change that can dramatically improve their life from that very moment on. Marketing campaigns manipulate you through your ego; convincing you to look a certain way, eat a certain way and even move a certain way - to the point that people begin to exercise inefficiently and thereby do more harm than good to their bodies. For instance, an individual may feel threatened that they are not performing at the level their ego insists they should be, and they get down to work breaking themselves with the latest "extreme" plyometric routine when they haven’t yet properly learned how to move, squat or land. Sadly, if someone is far gone down that path, it can take quite some time until they are willing to step back, and restart with an open mind.

In fact, some people won’t be able to do this until the ego betrays them in the form of injury or lack of physical competency. For some this is necessary, I know it was for me. I didn't understand why despite all my "hard work" I couldn't lift the loads that I expected of my self or perform the movements that I felt entitled to. So I doubled my efforts... and I broke my self. I hadn't earned the right to move, I had been skipping steps to maintain my "image". Fortunately it was soon after that I was introduced to the Z-Health Performance system and my approach towards movement began to change. There was an interim period where I had to significantly reduce the intensity of my training and start almost from the beggining. My focus became improving the integrity of individual joints in the body and discovering how they each applied to performing overall efficient movements. I learned how to assess which movements I was currently able or unable to train and when it was safe to take a risk. Since then my athletic performance has well surpassed anywhere I have been in the past and I feel like I am in a different body, a different mind. Of course I am nowhere near the end of my journey, but I have never been more prepared. On that note, I am SUPER excited about participating in the upcoming MovNat certification this August, a level of movement that I never thought myself capable of.


So let’s all do ourselves a favor, and cut the ties to our egos right now! In fact, as more people do this, it will become easier for others, since we profoundly affect those around us. Together we can propel ourselves towards wellness at an exponential rate. I sincerely hope you will join us on this journey.

- Jon