Black Tea Butter Latte


Today I scraped frost off the car - crisp fall mornings are officially here! This reinforces the importance of nourishing our bodies, particularly given the physiological stress of the changing seasons. Now is the time to redouble our efforts and focus on warming, healing nutrition to ensure we remain healthy, joyous, and strong through the seasons. This recipe is a definite favourite -  I enjoy it every morning, and it is a great start to a busy day.

The combination came to me rather intuitively, as I was searching for something to help support my nervous system and metabolism during exams/other stressful times. Funnily enough, after falling in love this recipe, I began reading Seven Years in Tibet, and learned that butter tea is extremely common in Tibet, particularly at high altitudes where it is used to provide long lasting energy. From what I have read, Tibetan butter tea is made with ghee, so in that way my recipe differs, however you could definitely replace the coconut oil with the ghee (keep the butter though for the lovely frothy texture).

Jon too has been enjoying a similar combination, of butter and coffee, which has become quite popular in the Paleo community ie. Bulletproof coffee.

I'm not really a fan of coffee, however, and much prefer black tea. While I had not had black tea for almost 10 years until recently, I grew up drinking it every day, as it is the Russian beverage of choice. Traditially, this tea is brewed in a samovar,  and though I grew up in Canada, my family still had a little one for the  first few years. It is also usually accompanied by a beautiful china  tea set even in the poorest of families, honey (and/or lemon), and  dessert (paleo desserts nowadays of course). In fact, my parents never allowed juice or pop to be present in the house, we just had tea or water. I remember having childhood friends and their families visit and leave incredibly confused due to the lack of pop/sugary drinks. In retrospect, I am incredibly grateful for my family's wisdom, and in this and other ways seem to be systematically rediscovering my ancestral roots (read about another similar experience of mine here).

So as you can imagine, this latte makes me think of childhood, books, and family - perhaps that is part of the healing effect of this recipe.

I hope that this recipe keeps you cozy on chilly days, and that you and your families enjoy it as much as I do.

With love,


TIME: 5 min

Yield: 1.5 cups (1 pretty teacup)


Black tea, brewed + steeped (I am currently enjoying this one from David's Tea)

1 tsp organic coconut oil

2 tbsp grass fed butter

3/4 tsp raw local honey (you can add more if you prefer it sweeter)

1 tsp organic vanilla extract; do not use powder as it will make the tea grainy


1. Brew and steep tea according to directions. The one I use requires 4 min.

2. Add all ingredients to a blender, then pour in tea, and blend on high for 30 s.

3. Pour into a pretty teacup, and enjoy in the morning with some bacon and dark chocolate.